What The Love!?,

Gil & Moti - 6 September till 4 October 2018

Pedrami Gallery is delighted to show work by Gil & Moti together with pieces by Wendy Krochmal in an exhibition about love, one that is universal, limitless and knows no boundaries or conventions. An exhibition with the ultimate wish to make love not war.

Gil & Moti’s images of subjective happiness are painted on the artists’ identical sleeveless shirts. These are traces of precious memories the artists experienced in the streets of Rio de Janeiro, where they were told that happiness is Home-less made, and that’s to do with the good warm climate.

Wendy Krochmal’s opaque fair-skin coloured ceramic pieces (resembling that of the artist) engages in an intimate dialogue with found objects such as, necklaces, silk stockings, ties and contrasting translucent glass vessels. Feminine and/or masculine elements interlace in a dance of attraction, desire and love. Evoking the irrational, universal and profoundly human condition.

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