Gil & Moti

Gil & Moti are known for their unique social artistic engagement in art and for working strategically in multiple disciplines. They switch effortlessly between classical and contemporary artistic mediums of expression from photography, painting, video, performance, and installation art. They work together exclusively since 1998 and have been engaged in an on-going exploration of identity, the notion of individuality, and related social norms and forms. Their approach is based on a few simple rules: always to dress identically, to do everything together, and to own only one wallet, phone and set of keys between them. Via small-scale social interventions, they address important socio-political issues, such as discrimination, social exclusion and racism. As artists, a gay couple, immigrants and Jewish born (ex)Israelis, they have direct experience of such issues within their own personal lives. Their appearance invariably causes surprise and amusement, enabling them to raise the subject of identity and otherness in a way that is always subtle and playful, but no less serious. In 2015 they received the MK Award, Dutch prize for visual art.

Gil / 1968 Born in Rishon Lezion, Israel
Moti / 1971 Born in Ramat Gan, Israel

Work and live together since 1994, since 1998 based in Rotterdam


1998-2000 Master of Fine Art, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam / Plymouth University, UK
1993-1997 Bachelor of Fine ArtBezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, IL, Graduate with Excellence (Moti)
1990- 1994 Bachelor of Fine Art , Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, IL, Graduate with Excellence (Gil)
1996 School of Visual Art, New York, USA (Moti)
1994 The Slade School of Art, U.C.L, London, UK (Gil)

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021 Forget & Remember, The Jewish Museum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2019 Wild Bet, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Legacy of Shadows, Pedrami Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2018 Donkey Without a Tail, Museum of History and Contemporary Art, Turku, Finland
Love for All Hatred for None, Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Finland
2017 MG&M Collective: Home Is Where You Fit, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Give Me More, Pedrami Gallery, under the program: Antwerp Queer Arts Festival, Belgium
Chickens, Dogs and Artists Tale, Pedrami Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
2016 The Dutch Volunteers, The Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2014 Cleaning With Love, Galerie Thiele, Linz, Austria
2013 Future Line Tours, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel
The Gil & Moti Wedding Project, Kers Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Available for You, Curator: Nina Kirsch, under the program: “new wave”-outside the wall, Palais de Tokyo, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
2012 Totally Devoted to You, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Austria
2011 Totally Devoted to You, Stavanger Kunstmuseum, Norway
Totally Devoted to You, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
Totally Devoted to You, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Germany
Totally Devoted to You, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010 In the Future Everyone Should Love Everyone, Metis_nl, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Time Out, TETEM kunstruimte/ Medialab, Enschede, The Netherlands
2009 Piece of Ground, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
Available for You, TENT in ‘t Gemaal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2008 We Hope You Like It the Way We Do, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden
Available for You, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007 Golden Dream, De Praktijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006 Love Grows Free, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
Love Stories, De Praktijk, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dating Gil & Moti, Mucsarnok / Kunsthalle, Budapest, Hungary
2005 Sleeping With the Enemy, Jack the Pelican Presents, New York, USA
2004 Laylah the Creature Beyond Dreams (performance), Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria
Wide Open, 7×11, Artoteek Den Haag, The Netherlands
Dating Gil & Moti, Lokaal 01, Breda, The Netherlands
2002 Fresh Feelings & Boyzone Pavilion, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel
2001 Gil + Moti Kijk x Shop, Artis, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
The Gil & Moti Wedding Project, Cityhall, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2000 Fresh Feelings & Boyzone Pavilion, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Between Stops – 20 Years, Kav 16 Gallery, Israel
‘It’s so good to have you in my life!’, Pedrami Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
The Colour of Water, Pedrami Gallery at Mas Museum, Antwerp, Belgium
Accrochhage D’ete’, Galerie Eric Dupont, Paris, France
HonderdJaar Gay Rotterdam,DIG IT UP galerie en erfgoedlab , Rotterdam, The Netherlands
ArtiQ presents, Pride Week inTel Aviv- Jaffa, Israel
2018 My North is your South, La Kunsthalle, Mulhouse, France
What The Love!?, Pedrami Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Local Contemporary Print, The New Gallery Artists’ Studios Teddy, Jerusalem, Israel
Stories from One House, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, Israel
Dangerous Art, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
2017 We Are The Market, Onomatopee, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2016 Optic Mountaineering, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2015 Regionale16: Visual Politics, Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal, Switzerland
Residents 2015, Atelier Mondial, Basel, Switzerland
Blackout Basel, Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Basel, Switzerland
Turku Biennial: The Unexpected Guest, Museum of History and Contemporary Art, Turku, Finland
MK Award, Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Identity and the Self, Ram Foundation, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2014 The Value of Nothing, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2013 Wonderkamers, Gemeente Museum, Den- Haag, The Netherlands
Narcissistic Tendencies, NEST, Den- Haag, The Netherlands
2012 The Naked Man, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Linz, Austria
Now I Lay Me Down To Eat, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim,The Netherlands
2011 A Piece Of Cake, Zaritsky Artists House, Tel Aviv, Israel
Double Take Triple Give, Museums of Bat Yam, Israel
2009 Tel Aviv Time, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Israel
2008 Promenades insomniaquesDormir/ Rêver dans l’art contemporain, Passage de Retz, Paris, France
Combined, Vishal, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Gastarbeider, Mediamatic, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2007 Paulo Post Futurum, Breda’s Museum, The Netherlands
Love Is Like Oxygen, W139, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2006 Arteast Collection 2000+23, Moderna galerija, Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Academy. Learning from the Museum, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2005 SuperStars, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria
HOME at TENT, TENT, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2004 Para-site, MUMOK, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna, Austria
2003 The Claim of Images … Jewish Perspectives in Modern Art, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Germany
The 2nd International Triennale for Installation Art, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
The Wandering Library, 50th Venice Biennale, Jewish Museum, Venice, Italy

Prizes, nominations and Grants

2019 Mondriaan Fonds, Projectinvestering Kunstenaar, The Netherlands
O&O Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, project subsidy, The Netherlands
2016 O&O Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, project subsidy, The Netherlands
Mondriaan Fonds, Werkbijdrage Bewezen Talent, The Netherlands
2015 Winners MK Award 2015, The Netherlands
2013 Mondriaan Fonds and O&O Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, project subsidy, The Netherlands
2012 Mondriaan Fonds, Basisstipendium, The Netherlands
St. Leopold Peace Prize 2012, finals nominees, Klosterneuburg Monastery, Austria
2011 The Mondriaan Foundation, support for exhibition in tour Totally Devoted to You, The Netherlands
2010 Fonds BKVB, project subsidy for Totally Devoted to You, The Netherlands
2009 Fonds BKVB, project subsidy for Available for You, The Netherlands
2008 Fonds BKVB, Basisstipendium, The Netherlands
2006 The Mondriaan Foundation, support for exhibitions in Budapest, The Netherlands
2003 Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam, project subssidy, Dating Gil & Moti, The Netherlands
Fonds BKVB, Basisstipendium, The Netherlands
1998 Award for a Young artist, Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel
Painting Grant Award, Cultural Grant America – Israel
1997 Prize for excelling graduates, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Israel
1995 Award for a Young artist, Ministry of Education and Culture, Israel
1994 Prize for excelling graduates, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Israel
Sculpture Grant Award, Cultural Grant America- Israel, Israel


2018 HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, April- June
2017 HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme, October-December
Capacete – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Mondriaan Fund International Artist in Residency Grant
2015 Atelier Mondial, Basel, Switzerland, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam Grant
2013 Cabri Prints, Etching workshop, Kibbutz Cabri, Israel
2011 Iaspis, Stockholm, Sweden
DIVA- The Danish International Visiting Artists Program, Copenhagen, Denmark
2010 Cabri Prints, Etching workshop, Kibbutz Cabri, Israel
2009 The Artists’ Residence Herzelia, Israel
2008 CPH AIR, The City of Copenhagen, Denmark
2004 7×11, Artoteek Den Haag, The Netherlands

Selected Academic activity and Artist talks

2019 Workshop: Willem de Kooning Academie, Rotterdam en KABK, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Guest tutors, Koningstheateracademie, Den Bosch, The Netherlands
Nominatoren, MK Award 2019 editie,Rotterdam,The Netherlands
2018 Guest tutors, Koningstheateracademie, Den Bosch, The Netherlands.
2017 Artist talk, Capacete, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Jury member, MK Award 2017, The Netherlands
Workshop: Curious Autonomy, Willem de Kooning Academie and CBK, Rotterdam
2016 Guest tutors, Minerva, Groningen, The Netherlands
Guest tutors, ArtEz, Zwolle, The Netherlands
Artist talk, Vrijdag, Groningen, The Netherlands
2015 Guest tutors, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland
Artist talk, Postgraduate Programme in Curating, Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland
Artist talk, ANGE(SE)HEN, Basler Münster, Switzerland
Panel discussion together with curator Hielde de bruin, De kring, Amsterdam
2014 Guest tutors, Linz, University of Arts and Industrial Design, Linz, Austria
Educatieve Meet & Greet KABK, Den Haag
Workshop Rotterdam, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Switzerland
2013 Artist talk, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam
Exploratory workshop, wassenaar, University of Amsterdam, Dept. of Theatre Studies
2012 Lectures, University of Arts and Industrial Design, Linz, Austria

Selected Publications

2019 Between Stops; 1998-2018, Kav 16 Gallery, Israel, p.1, pp.26-27, p.49, pp. 52-53.
Queer!? Beeldende kunst in Europa 1969-2019,pp.241-242,p.288,pp.295-297,p.379,pp.410-1.
2017 Same Same but Different,from the Haaretz collection, Minus1,Tel Aviv, Israel.pp.94-7,pp.148-9.
2016 De Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender 2017, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2015 PROTOCOLLUM’s 2nd issue- 2015/16, Dickersbach Kunstverlag, Berlin, Germany. pp.136-139
European Journal of Humour Research on “Humour in Art and Activism, UVA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender 2016, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Het 25-jarig bestaan, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim,The Netherlands
The Unexpected Guest, Turku Biennial catalogue, Museum of History and Contemporary Art, Turku, Finland
Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling, CBK Rotterdam, The Netherlands, pp.57-59
2013 Printmaking off the Beaten Track, Richard Noyce, Bloomsbury, London, England
New Wave, Palais de Tokyo”, Paris, France, pp.302-305
Attraction of the Opposites, Kiki Petratou, Nadorst, The Netherlands, pp.172-177
2012 Der Nackte Mann, Lentos Kunstmuseum Linz, Ludwig Museum Budapest, Kunst Nürnberg, Austria, p.7, 22, 141, 321
2011 Totally Devoted to You, monograph, Stavanger Kunstmuseum, Lentos Kunstmuseum, Tensta Konsthall, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Hatje Cantz Verlag, Germany
Double Take Triple Give, Chen Tamir, Bat Yam Museum of Contemporary Art, Israel, pp.16-18, pp.73-75, p.80
2010 Kitchen Secrets, Gal On Art Space, solo exhibition catalogue, Tel Aviv, Israel
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Home at TENT, Gil & Moti Homegallery publication, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2003 Territorial Invasions of the Public and Private, Piet Zwart Institute publication, The Netherlands, pp.111-129.
Madam, I_m Adam/ the Organisation of private life, Piet Zwart Institute publication, pp96-97.
The Claim of Images … Jewish Perspectives in Modern Art, Kunstmuseum Bochum exhibition catalogue, Germany
The Wandering Library, 50th Venice Biennale, Jewish Museum, Venice, Italy
2002 Road to a Dream, Tal Esther Gallery and Kav 16 Gallery solo exhibition catalogue, Tel Aviv, Israel
Bodycase, Gil & Moti Homegallery publication, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Selected Reviews

2019 Gokkende migranten op zoek naar een beetje geluk, review, Maud Sintenie, TROUW, 7.11, The Netherlands
2018 Donkey Without a Tail, review by Laars Saari, Turun Sanomat, 12.6.2018, Finland
Altijd Samen, Hoofdinterview, with Ferry Biedermann, Benjamin, zomer 2018, NR. 112, The Netherlands
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Verhalen van vluchtelingen als kunst in het Stedelijk, Kees Keijer, het Parool, 24 September
Kunstenaarskoppel Gil & Moti: “We lijken cartoons, maar dat is onze strategie”,  review, Maaike Floor- Gazet van Antwerpen, 13 August
Outside/Inside; MG&M Collective, Interview, with Eva Visser, Puntkomma, #13, The Netherlands
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Art-everyday-life/Truth is Stranger Than Fiction, review,, 19.12,The Netherlands
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The Value of Nothing
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