Unfinished Flight,

Nasser Bakhshi - 21 April till 9 June 2022

Collective memory is full of pieces of the events that turn to the keys in the mind of each person, which reviews the time and life cycle or reason by it. The pieces full of elements and images that it integrates them at any moment and explains the obtained narratives in its life. This process is different in each society and takes on a special inner world, and if we want to give them an external procedure and order, we will encounter countless world of codes that will be difficult to get out of it.

In this project, we review the collective memory of the people who have constantly browsed these events and elements in their minds, so that when we refer to pieces of them, we encounter questions that are constantly repeated in them.

A process that seems are out of the ordinary paths of life and in which horrific events occur that should not have happened.

The primary mentality of the works is an allusion of the freezing the memory and turning it to another form in the capsules of time, that the observer has the role of browsing the process that takes place in its crisis society.

In general, the present project reviews the events in the form of structures and paintings that engage memory after occurrence, that it remembers a different but familiar pattern with any reference, and retrieves this cycle in the form of these arrangements and paintings.

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