1001 Nights,

26th January 2023 - 26th January 2023

The ‘Tales of 1001 nights’ is one of the most famous books in the world. The sweet love stories inside the book, with tales whose roots can be traced over many centuries ago, where “princesses are more beautiful than the moon, clever tricks are displayed, fishermen getting lost in a city under the sea and travellers on flying camels” are just a small part of why this tales keep capturing everyone’s imagination just as they first did many years ago.

These ancient tales originated in Persia were first translated into French by Antoine Galland in 1704. Middle Eastern Culture was thus shared through Europe. Drama, suspense and love are part of the emotions that these stories evoke when they are read, which go back also to the contact Persian, Indian and Arabic literature and art with Europe. This same feeling of expansion of culture is what the work of Salam Ata Sabri and Tarek Shabout evokes through their artistic mediums.

In their duo exhibition, Salam Ata Sabri and Tarek Shabout bring new contemporary stories from the changing Arab world to Europe, just like the book did years ago, but with art pieces that confronts the viewer and makes him reflect of the difference of culture, of what is Europe and the Middle East, and how concepts such as freedom and peace are not so certain is this very crazy and always changing contemporary world.

Important Information:

Opening: Thursday 26th January 19:00 – 22:00
Opening speech by Philippe Van Cautern.