Sleeping Series,

Maryam Ashkanian - 14 May – 26 June 2016

We celebrate 5 years Mas Museum Birthday with a great Iranian artist Maryam Ashkanian in Pedrami Gallery.
Please join us 14 May 19:30 till 21:30 for Vernissage of Maryam Ashkanian with her hand-sewn fabric art.
Exhibition continue till 26 Jun.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Pedrami Gallery.

Maryam Ashkanian was born by the Caspian Sea in Iran. She is a painter and sculptor and most recently has been recognised for her hand-sewn fabric art. Ashkanian is a lover of traditional, handmade items from which she draws inspiration to create her own original form of art. She searches for individual fabrics in markets; selecting only those of quality that will contribute to her art. She then works layer by layer with these beautiful materials.

A graduate of Art in Graphic Design and Art in Painting in Iran, Maryam has held solo exhibitions in Iran for the last four years, as well as being exhibited around the world from Dubai to Mexico, and from England to Greece. Her latest solo show was exhibited in Tehran under the title of Sleep.