Roghayeh Najdi - 25 September till 6 November 2021

The Eyewitnesses project is the world of human beings whose dreams have emerged in the bed of events, sometimes bitter and difficult. Human beings who have to have the imposed layers in the mind and context of life due to the uniformity and integrity of their lives.

This exhibition is the continuation of the same cycle that I have expanded it in several projects and today, with its other layers; deals with man’s time and confrontation with the events that are in the way of his life.
Children who, in the middle of life and it events, are confused and amazed in the making dream for the future, and men and women who struggle with the background or the past of the life instead of living it.
These are the realities of today of geography that have lost their now. and they have to practice the life and move on until the day that they really live it.

Roghayeh Najdi 2021

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