Order Border Disorder,

9 November till 21 December

She takes her influences from Ottoman miniature art and she has done a research about
how to use miniature art in a contemporary context, With the contemporary use of this old art form. she creates a critique against the government in Turkey.

The exhibition is on one side very personal. Two artist Imge Özbilge and Siir Özbilge leave their country one to Italy and one to Belgium and explore their personal borders and question what it means to leave a country and to recreate new boarders.
But at the same time it is also vey political 
Order Border Disorder is questioning what is going on in the world these days, considering   the creation of new borders. We belief that we have a lot of freedom in the 21th century but the latest events are quite shocking. The fact that Trump has forbidden for several Muslim countries to get a visa to visit the US or that he is building a wall between Mexico and the USA. is unexceptable. Now the latest new is that there will be no Visa’s given from Turkey to Americans to visit Turkey so Turkey. Erdoğan is cutting all relations with Europe…
 There is a clear boarder being recreated between the East and the West and no body is talking about it enough. People talk about terrorism but not about the changes in the lives of normal citizens 
So the exhibition is questioning weather it is the politicians who have gone mad who are creating these new boarders in our lives or is it because the people who  have already to many prejudgments and are voting for these kind of politicians so that they create even more borders. And with borders I mean not just  physical boarders but also mental boarders.