Eileen Sussholz - Wendy Krochmal - 8 March till 5 April 2018

In keeping with a contemporary world that is increasingly characterised by political polarisation and division, the exhibition A(R)MOR brings together largely disparate artwork by the Antwerp-based artists Eileen Sussholz and Wendy Krochmal. While the explicitly fragile ceramic work of Wendy Krochmal looks outward to decry a world in which war and it’s incumbent horrors remain a feature of our global landscape, the paintings of Eileen Sussholz turn inwards to examine individual  psychological experience and the search for meaning that is played out in the landscape of the mind. The works of the two artists may be seen to represent polar positions on an ideological spectrum and the exhibition thus highlights a widening chasm between those that cling to valued ideologies that serve to underpin identity, social cohesion and often nefarious political agendas and those who have rejected any culturally available ideologies but must endure the internal conflict of their own dividedness. What these artists have in common is that they seem to be asking that the viewer reflect on some of the more uncomfortable truths about the world and our place within it.

‘Is there a reasonable space that can be negotiated between the state of being disarmed, self-effacing and vulnerable and that of being armored by the trappings of war that assert one groups right to dominion and indeed existence over another?’ This is one of the important questions that is posed by the juxtaposition of the work of the in the exhibition titled A(R)MOR.

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