Suspended Definitions,

Homa Arkani - 22 September till 26 October 2017

This collection is a like, like the bricolers, who gather from different communities and ethnicities and
from a singular community, ethnicity, or nationality. In fact, they strive to try to find what they especially in contemporary societies, do not have an integrated sense of identity derived various social classes, and they create new cultural identities. Activists of this genre, the process by which people are attracted to, and therefore attain certain points from a place for bargaining on personal and social identity. In cultural studies, bricolage means establish identity in their lives or attract others attention… In Iran, subcultural behaviors are with utilitarian goals in mind; in other words, individuals search for subcultural activities to modern bureaucracy, meaning it must not necessarily be done with political motives, but and other Third World countries may be somewhat modern, but in most cases, it is a post- activism. On the other hand, pieces of what is happening today in countries such as Iran with the influence of Rumi's poems, which today manifests in social movement and political collection, we see the interaction of self-awareness and social interaction that is depicted consciousness of a person, group, or society that develops gradually in social action. In this consciousness and objective reality in social action. Accordingly, identity is the transforms or rebuilds social structures. Giddens searches for subjective reality in self-identity is the result of confrontation between the subjective and the objective that sustains, imagination of others. Identity is shaped in the process of socialization. It can be said that identity is the creation of a harmony between the persons perception of himself and the integrated into the historical memory and culture of Iran. From the humanist point of view, contemporaneity of the western wave is also a superficial layer of identity and has not been become inherent and have become virtually the core of identity. On the other hand, historical background. Islamism and Shi'ism in the historical memory of Iranians have influence has not been in balance. The “Iranianness” of Iranian cultural identity has a richer
cultural manifestations in Iranian material and spiritual culture, still, their relative level of Although the trinity of Iran, Islam, and the West are intertwined, and have created various celebrate different aspects of Iranian individuality in a poetic way.