The Colour of Water,

Group Exhibition: 3 August till 23 August 2019

The Pedrami Gallery is pleased to invite you to the exhibition entitled The Colour of Water, that will be held in the Mas Museum Pavilion in association with Antwerp Art and that will make part of the Antwerp Museum Night  to be held on 3 August 

The exhibition brings together the work of seven artists, all geographically or culturally connected to the Middle East, who are part of the gallery’s program. The title refers to a passage written by twelfth century Sufi mystic, poet and philosopher Ibn Arabi in which he makes the following claim: that an understanding of the expression ‘the colour of the water is the colour of the receptacle’ would lead to an acceptance of all forms of faith through a recognition of their underlying commonality.

These ancient words, brought to us from the annals of history, seem remarkably relevant in our increasingly global yet polarised world and the principle that they support reflects the vision of the Pedrami Gallery, which aims to stimulate the questioning of notions of territory, identity and faith through contemporary art.

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