Order Border Disorder,

Imge Özbilge and Siir Özbilge - 9 November till 21 December 2017

Order Border Disorder is creating dialogs between the various topics it aims to communicate about. While the invisible yet confronting cultural and religious borders in Turkey and the Middle East are put into question, the exhibition is also referring to the contemporary borders created between the East and the West. Is it the populist society of the twenty-first century, creating today’s border-lined political figures or is it the politicians themselves creating the borders within societies and in our minds.

The curation of this exhibition emerges out of the joined condition that the two artists Imge Özbilge and Siir Özbilge are situated in. Both artists have left Turkey to continue their paths in Belgium and Italy. Having done so, they are dealing with the physical as well as intangible struggles of redefining personal borders. How do these borders define our lives? How far do we want to proceed with the recreation of new borders and physical walls? Is it possible for the individual to be emancipated from mental borders? Especially if these are merely creations of our own minds? And yet, don’t these mental borders lead to drastic results in political elections? Maybe we already start creating borders within the vocabulary we use in order to categorize people.

This exhibition is dealing with these very personal but also universal matters that the two artists are reflecting upon. Political and personal matters are creating a juxtapose between the East and the West. Order Border Disorder can be as playful as it is brutal in setting these aspects into question. The award winning short film Camouflage which has been in the official selection of the Cannes film festival in 2017 will also be exclusively screened during the exhibition.

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