Sleight of Hand,

2nd November till 21st December 2023

In the complex tapestry of modern society, the influence of politics is an ever-present force. It often operates subtly behind the scenes, shaping our perceptions and decisions in ways we might not always readily perceive. This invisible hand, that subtly molds our lives, operates with a concealed political agenda of its own. It’s like a hidden fog that obscures our understanding of the world. This fog, we might argue, is deliberately created by those who hold power to keep us in the dark.

Did You Know…” serves as both a question and a statement, challenging us to delve deeper into the narratives that shape our lives. This exhibition encapsulates a shared notion: a pervasive web of misinformation that envelops our collective consciousness, obscuring the true essence of the world we inhabit.

Within the works of the five artists gathered for this exhibition, each with their distinct styles and approaches, resides a visual exploration of the intricate relationship between politics and everyday life. Their art unveils the concealed currents of influence and manipulation that flow beneath the surface of our shared reality.