Art Brussels 2023,

20th - 23rd April 2023

Pedrami Gallery in Art Brussels 2023 (20th – 23r April 2023)

Iran is in the midst of a major political upheaval, and it is important to shed light on the role that women have played in the country’s struggle for freedom. To that end, Pedrami Gallery bring its #WomenLifeFreedom Art Exhibition to Art Brussels 2023, which explores the intersection of women, art, and freedom during the Iranian Revolution.

For decades gender inequality and discrimination against women has been legally enshrined in Iran. On September 16th 2022, Masa Amini, a 22-year-old Iranian woman died after being arrested by Iran’s ‘morality police’ for wearing her hijab ‘immodestly’. During Amini’s funeral, crowds gathered chanting the words ‘women, life, freedom’. This slogan has since been adopted in protests throughout Iran and beyond and encapsulates the sentiment fueling the current mass uprising for justice.

Pedrami Gallery participation will feature a range of works by Middle Eastern artists that Pedrami Gallery represents, including Iranian and Iraq based artists who sent their work exclusively for this event. Each work will explore a different aspect of the Revolution, and in particular, the ways in which women have been involved in the struggle.

At a time when the situation in Iran is increasingly dire, and the regime is cracking down on dissent, it is more important than ever to elevate the voices of those who are fighting for change. Through this exhibition, we hope to not only showcase the incredible talent of these artists but also to raise awareness about the critical issues facing Iran today. Eileen Cohen Sussholz, Wendy Krochmal, Tarek Shabout, Roghayeh Najdi and Nasser Bakhshi are the artists that are part of our exhibition.

#WomenLifeFreedom art exhibition will take place at the Pedrami Gallery 5E-52 Booth at Art Brussels 2023 [Brussels Expo, Belgium], and we encourage everyone to come out and show their support for the brave women and artists who are leading the charge for a better future.

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