Tarek Shabout


Place of birth: Iraq (1971)

1992 – 1998 Studied graphic design at the University of fine art Baghdad.
2017- Present Académie des Beaux-Arts Jean-Jacques Gailliard Bruxelle.

June 2022 (Mattergy) ABY de Saint-Gilles.

February 2021 Pedrami Gallery, (sentiment or testament?).

June 2021 Pedrami Gallery, (Fertile crescent!).

2016 “Fragile” in Cultuurcentrum De Steiger in menennen.

2013 Participation “Baghdad capital of Arab culture”, European Parliament.

2011 Participation in a joint exhibition in the city of Antwerpen at Hallmmermrum “Day in memory of the Belgian warrior”.

2010 Solo exhibition at the SteM Zwijgershoek Sint-Niklaas. “symbols of the Babylonian old city walls”.

2009 Pro Patria, A joint exhibition in the city of Antwerp.

2008 “Muren en symbolen”. Joint exhibition “codes of old walls”. Wereld Cultuurcentrum Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen.

2008 Fort Europa A joint exhibition with artist Mark Swysen’s Oostende.

2008 A joint exhibition Kultour08 te Lebekke.

2007 Arnoevoo. Tarek Abed got under ARNOEVOO

2007 (THIRD PRICE) for the two painting named (desert 91) of the city Bredene.

2007 A group of artists with more than 200 nationalities joint exhibition with NICC.

2007 Kunstarm A joint exhibition in the city of Antwerp.

2007 The third Prize of committee jury in a joint exhibition in the coastal city of Bredene for the painting called “Desert 91”.