The one who sees,

28th January till 10th March 2024

Curiosity about other people’s affairs in the private sphere. Secretly, with or without pleasure, peeking on them as they perform a specific action. It is the success story of the TV program ‘Big Brother’, but social media in all its facets is also suitable for this. We view the images of others, observe, examine image or sound recordings. We don’t peek through a keyhole or over a shower wall, we secretly record the images in our memory. People are exposed without question. Even without physical contact, the victim may feel ashamed, angry, scared or guilty.

With his new series of paintings, Abdalla Al Omari confronts us with these situations and brings us to the border that we all consciously or unconsciously dare to cross.

Curator: Philip Marquebreuck.


“The one who sees” exhibition.
Artist: Abdalla Al Omari
28th January – 10th March

Opening 28 January 11:00-18:00
Finissage 10 March 14:00-17:00


Abdalla Al Omari
Untitled . 70x50cm – acrylic on linen 2024