E x h i b i t i o n s
A r t i s t s

Wendy Krochmal

‘Invaluable Cargo’ is an invitation to discover the beauty behind the highly functional logistics that enable trade and transport of resources and goods.

Often that system goes unnoticed and is taken for granted, but its structure is instrumental for the product to reach its destination safely. If the system is faulty, the ware might get lost or damaged.

Globalization has been around for centuries. Routes have formed through trade, bringing forth an exchange of ideas and culture, facilitating the spread of religion, economic forces and political interactions. This (organized) flow of goods hinges on an intrinsic network of people, providing them with livelihood and connectedness. Forever changing and evolving, it is inextricably intertwined with the history of humankind, its present and future.

Pulled out of their context, the ‘Invaluable Cargo’ items look quite abstract and take on an almost sacral form, prompting reflection on the question: ‘Is materialism the ultimate worshiped deity?’.