Hamdan Saray

Hamdan Saray was born in 1975 in Baghdad, Iraq. He lives and works between Baghdad and Brussels. He is a graduate of the Baghdad Academy of Fine Arts. Hamdan Saray is a founding member of The New Academy group and a member of the Iraqi Society of Visual Arts. His creative practice moves between painting and video.

Group exhibitions (Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad, 1996-2004) Graphic art exhibition (Arts Centre, Baghdad, 2001) Graphic art exhibition (Arts Centre, Baghdad, 2002) Group exhibitions (French Embassy, French Cultural Centre, The Hunting Club, Baghdad, 2003) Group exhibitions (Governing Council, Akkad hall, Al Jawahery Festival, Sumer Hall, Baghdad, 2004) Performance (painting and poetry) with Majid Matroud and Zuher Al Jobory (Centre Culturel Arabe, Brussels, 2005) Performance (painting, poetry, and music) with Majid Matroud and Jaafer Al Khafaf (Moussem, Antwerp, 2007) Second Prize in the VII Mariana Pineda Competition (F.A.S.A.B, Brussels, 2010).

In 2014, Hamdan Saray co-founded the painting duo Kalām كـلم with Vicky Dyé. Kalām كـلم places exchange at the center of its concerns and questions the relationship with the other by navigating public and private spaces.

In 2017, Kalām كـلم created a work during a residency in Grande-Synthe, France. In November of the same year, the tandem surrounded by friends launched the action, “Il était une fois, dehors …” (Once upon a time, outside…).

In 2018, Hamdan Saray presented Kalām كـلم through a workshop with students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kut, Iraq. Kalām كـلم participated in the group exhibition “Je me retrouvai par une forêt obscure” curated by Amélie Adamo at Chamalot-Paris (Paris, France).

In 2019, Kalām كـلم launched the cycle “Il était une fois, chez toi … بـيتك فـي ،كـان يـامـا كـان) “Once upon a time, at your place…) in Brussels, Belgium. These exhibitions took place in the heart of living spaces curated by each inhabitant. Kalām كـلم participated in the group exhibitions “Îlots” at Citygate Studio, and then “MAOW” at LaVallée. During the Pancretan Street Art Festival, the two artists created a large twelve-meter mural in the streets of Heraklion, Crete.

In 2021, Hamdan Saray presented “Memories of a Mechanical Eye” a solo exhibition at the Bronze Gallery in Baghdad.

Hamdan Saray

Visual Artist/Videographer
Graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad, 2004.
Founding member of The New Academy group.
Member of the Iraqi Society of Visual Arts.



2015-2020 Visual Arts Teacher, ESPACE RESSOURCE CPAS Saint-Gilles 2011-2012 Artistic Animator, ÉCOCULTURE ASBL.
2010 Second Prize in the VII Mariana Pineda Competition, F.A.S.A.B, Brussels.
2007 Performance (painting, poetry, and music), Moussem, Antwerp.
2005 Performance (painting and poetry), Arab Cultural Centre, Brussels.
2004 Governing Council, Akkad Hall, Al Jawahery Festival Sumer Hall, Baghdad.
2003 French Embassy, French Cultural Centre, The HunTng Club, Baghdad.
2001-2002 Group exhibition, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad.

Film set/design:

2019 Feature Film “La Grande Classe” / Series “Unité 42” Season 2 (Belgium) 2018 Series “Unité 42” Season 1 / Feature Film “La FronTère” (Belgium).
2017 Series “La Trêve” (Belgium).
2015 Feature Film “Noces” (Luxembourg) / OUIBUS AdverTsement (Belgium).
2004 Feature Film “Ahlam” (Iraq).


2016 Feature Film, Documentary “Istithmar allajeen” for Aljazeera (Belgium) 2014 Feature Film,
Documentary “Nasirat” (Netherlands).

Theatre-video directing:

2022 “Republiek van Angst” Monty, Antwerp 2019 “Corners of Her Mind” CCBE, Antwerp.
2015 “Othello,” Monty, Antwerp, Cairo.
2012 “Gebeured in Bagdad” CCBE, Antwerp
2011 “Monde.com (Facebook)” Monty / “1979 Moussem,” Antwerp.
2010 “Iraqi Ghosts” Monty, Antwerp.