Ulrike Bolenz

Ulrike Bolenz, a German-Belgian artsist, has developed a highly individual body of work that lies somewhere between tradition and experiment. Her works are extremely fascinating to look at because they show and conceal themselves simultaneously. Ulrike Bolenz offers us fragments of stories, but she speaks in halfwords, erasing traces as if she wanted to keep an unspoken secret concealed.

Born in 1958 in Germany, Ulrike Bolenz lives and works in the Belgium. She graduated in 1979 from the Art Academy in Kassel by Prof Manfred Bluth and Tom J Gramse. Ulrike has featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe and has an impressive list of public assignments and entries in renowed collections and museums.


Date of birth: 1958
Place of birth: Castrop-Rauxel, Germany.
Nationality: German-Belgian.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2015 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Tour &Taxis, Brussels (BE)
2014 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Schmalfuss, Berlin (GE)
2014 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Kasteel Ter Ham, Brussels (BE)
2014 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Ehmer , Brussels (BE)
2013 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Schmalfuss, Berlin (GE)
2013 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Mondapart, Paris (FR)
2012 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Ehmer , Brussels (BE)
2012 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Kunsthalle, Marburg (GE)
2012 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Brugier-Rigal, Paris (FR)
2011 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Michael W. Schmalfuss, Berlin (GE)
2010 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Bafa Foto, Gent (BE)
2010 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie T 40 , Düsseldorf (GE)
2009 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Meyer le Bihan, Paris (FR)
2009 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Museum Museaav Nizza
2008 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Museum de Botanique, Brussels (BE)
2008 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Puls Art, le Mons (FR)
2008 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Art Point Gallery, Mol, (BE)
2007 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Ehmer , Brussels (BE)
2007 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Signum, Heidelberg (GE)
2007 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Meyer le Bihan, Paris (FR)
2006 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Suty, Paris (FR)
2006 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie 5, Toulouse (FR)
2005 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Meyer le Bihan, Paris (FR)
2004 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Brochardt, Hamburg (GE)


2003 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Kasteel Heidelberg (GE)
2001 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Dewart Gallery, Brussels (BE)
1998 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Dewart Gallery, Brussels (BE)
1996 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Kunsthuis Loosverldt, Oostende (BE)
1995 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Laboart, Eke (BE)
1995 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Smithtown Art Council, NY (USA)
1995 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Dewart Gallery, Brussels (BE)
1994 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Berlin (GE)
1994 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Signum Winfreid Heid, Heidelberg (GE)
1993 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Berlin (GE)
1992 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Kunstverein Friedrichstadt, Berlin (GE)
1992 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Kunstverein Marburg, Marburg (GE)
1991 ‘Ulrike Bolenz”, Galerie Signum Winfreid Heid, Karelsruhe (GE)


Selected Group Exhibition

2016 ‘Glassworks III’, De Mijlpaal, Knokke (BE)
2016 ‘Corpus’ Museum der Repin Kunstakademie, St Petersburg (RU)
2016 ‘Ligth @ Dark’, Living tomorrow, Brussels (BE)
2015 MMOA, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow (RU)
2015 ‘Wirklicheit’ Galery Schmalfull Berlin (GE)
2014 ‘Next door’, Living Tomorrow Brussels (BE)
2013 ‘Wunderkamer’ Museum Botanique, Brussels (BE)
2010 ‘Intersection’ Musée du CInquantenaire, Brussels, (BE)
2013 ‘Wunderkamer’, Museum Botanique , Brussels (BE)
2009 ‘Hetzelfde en het andere’ Gent (BE)
2008 ‘Habeas Corpus’, Museum Botanique, Brussels (BE)
2000 ‘Regard sur le monde’ Musée de la Poste, Calais (FR)
2000 ‘De wereld volgens’ Foundation Odapark, Venray (NL)


 Selected Collections and Public Collections

Hessisches Ministerium für Kunst und Wissenschaft (GE) Staatsbauamt, Museum, Finanzamt Marburg (GE) Oberpostdirektion, Frankfurt (GE)

Öko Consens, Berlin-Neuruppin (GE)

Berliner Senat für kulturelle Angelegenheiten, Berlin (GE) BBL, Bank Bruxelles Lambert, Brussels (BE)

LCA London Cruiseschip, (UK) Sammlung Thyssen, Berlin, (GE) Sammlung Berliner Senat, Berlin (GE) Collection Benoot,  (BE)

The Safa Collection, (FR) Fondation Francès, (FR) Johnson & Johnson, Beerse (BE)

European Parlement, Brussels (BE) Tour& Taxis, Brussels (BE)

Selected Art Fairs


2011-2015 ‘Art Madrid’, Galerie Michael Schmalfuss, Madrid (ES)
2005-2010 ‘Art Paris’, Art Elysees, Paris (FR)
2005 ‘Art Cologne’ Galerie Borchardt (GE)
2005 ‘Scope Miami’ Galerie Pascal Vanhoecke, Miami (USA)
2004-2006 ‘Art Köln’, Galery Dewart, Köln (GE)
2004 ‘FIAC’ Edition J. Boulan, Paris (FR)
2000-2004 ‘Art Paris’, Galerie Dewart, Paris (FR)
2000-2001 ‘Art Brussels’, Galerie Dewart, Brussel (BE)