Nasser Bakhshi

Nasser Bakhshi is a self taught artist and lives far from the hustle and bustle of the Capital of Tehran, in the wonderful land of Azerbaijan. He places his memories and bits of his soul and heart as well as our collective memories inside old boxes that he finds in forgotten corners of the city of Tabriz.

His large paintings are “details” of the paintings within the boxes; taken out of their place and accentuated, a reverse action of seeing with magnifying glass.

The boxes are accumulation of images and elements that Mr. Bakhshi lives with and they narrate the dreams and wishes, as well as failures and uncertainties of their creator; who is one of many, one of us, many of us.


Date of birth: 1982
Place of birth: Iran

2022. Unfinished Flight. Pedrami Gallery. Antwerp, Belgium(BE)
2021. Incomplete Dream. Dastan+2 Gallery. Tehran, Iran (IR)
2020. Life in cocoons of amnesia! Pedrami Gallery. Antwerp, Belgium(BE)
2020. Tides. Dastan2+ Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2019. The Bright Side. Pedrami Gallery. Antwerp, Belgium(BE)
2016. Invisible and Indefinite. Aaran Projects. Tehran, Iran (IR)
2016. My Mind Is Not at Ease. Pedrami Gallery. Antwerp, Belgium(BE)
2015. Accumulated Memories – Collective Reflections. With Collaboration with Nader & Nader LLC.
Aaran Gallery. Tehran, Iran(IR)
2009. New Pallete Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey(TR)
2006. Favar Gallery. Istanbul, Turkey(TR)
2006. Mirali Tabrizi Gallery. Tabriz House of Culture. Tabriz, Iran(IR)
2004. Ahar City’s Library. Ahar, Iran (IR)
2004. Tabriz House of Culture. Tabriz, Iran(IR).
2022. ‘Silk Route’ Group Exhibition. Pedrami Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (BE)
2022. Vanishing Point. Pejman Foundation: Argo Factory. Tehran, Iran (IR)
2022. The First Fertile Element. A Gallery. Tehran, Iran (IR)
2021. ‘It’s so good to have you in my life’ Group Exhibition, Curated by Piliph Marquebreuck  Pedrami Gallery. Antwerp, Belgium(BE)
2021. Soft Edge of the Blade. Dastan Outside Projects, Art Freize. London, England ( …… )
2020. Talween. A Group Exhibition from Collection of Malek Foundation. Malek Foundation. Tabriz, Iran (IR)
2019. Chasm. A Group Exhibition from Collection of Malek Foundation. Malek Foundation. Tabriz, Iran (IR)
2019. The Colour of Water. Museum MAS, Antwerp, Belgium(BE)
2019. It›s So Good to Have You in My Life. Pedrami Gallery. Antwerp, Belgium(BE)
2018. Flashback. Group Exhibition Curated by Mina Feshangchi. Aaran Projects. Tehran, Iran (IR)
2018. The Versus of Obligation. Group Exhibition Nasser Bakhshi with Roqayeh Najdi. Pedrami Gallery. Antwerp, Belgium (BE)
2016. Visage/ Image of Self. Group Exhibition Curated by Fereydoun Ave at Aaran Gallery, O Gallery, Lajevardi Foundation and Aaran Projects. Tehran, Iran(BE)
2016. Fearless: The Next Wave of Artists from Iran. Group Exhibition Curated by Fereydoun Ave. Aaran Projects, O Gallery and Lajevardi Foundation (Tehran, Iran) and Total Arts, Courtyard (Dubai, UAE) (UA)
2015. Suspended. A Selection by Behrang Samadzadegan and Aaran Gallery. Aaran Gallery. Tehran, Iran  (IR)
2015. Dust. The Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art. Warsaw, Poland
2015. Contemporary Istanbul. Focus Tehran. Istambul, Turkey (TR)
2015. Between Invitation and Intrusion: A Conversion in Form. Curated by Roya Khadjavi Heidari and Massoud Nader. Rogue Space Gallery. New York, USA (US)
2015. Tehran, Virtual or Real. Aaran Projects. Tehran, Iran (IR)
2015. Mapping Within: An Alternative Guide to Tehran and Beyond. Curated by Sohrab Kashani. The Mine Gallery. Dubai, UAE (UA)
2014. Portraits: Reflection of Emerging Iranian Artists. Rogue Space Gallery. New York, USA (US)
2010. Autumn Collection Group Exhibition. Shams Gallery. Tehran, Iran (IR)
2022.  Art_Rotterdam (1_4)July. Pedrami Gallery
2022. Art Brussels(25_30)April. Pedrami Gallery (BE)
2022. Art Dubai (9_14)March. Dastan Basement(UA)
2021. Art Paris Asian (21_24) October. Dastan Gallery (FR)
2021. Art_Rotterdam (1_4)July. Pedrami Gallery
2021. Art Brussels(3_6)June. Pedrami Gallery (BE)
2020. Art Dubai (25_28)March. Dastan Basement(UA)

2020. Art Brussels(22_25)April. Pedrami Gallery (BE)