Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami

Mohammad Barrangi Fashtami is an illustrator and printmaker originally from Iran and based in the UK.

Barrangi’s work combines elements of Persian calligraphy, storytelling, text, and touches of humour. Using a unique creative process, with handmade traditional calligraphy pens and a blend of mark-marking styles, Barrangi creates both small pieces and often expands these to large scale murals.

Alongside his artistic career Barrangi has gained recognition for his achievements as an athlete and Paralympian. He has represented Iran internationally in the 100m sprint.

* 2022 – Dreamland
The Arthouse, UK.

* 2022 – Anything is Possible
Edinburgh Printmakers, UK.

* 2022 – Spirit of the Fox
Tallinn, Estonian Literature Centre, Estonia.

* 2022 – Facing the New Reality
Museum on the Seam, Israel.

* 2022 – Art Brussels
Pedrami Gallery, Group Exhibition, Belgium.

* 2022 – Arusha Gallery
Chorus Group Exhibition, UK.

* 2022 – Abu Dhabi Art Fair
Hafez Gallery, UAE.

* 2022 – Spirit of the Fox
Tallinn, Estonian Literature Centre, Estonia.

* 2021 – Christie’s Auction House
Royal Drawing School, Best of the Drawing Year, UK.

* 2021 – Migration Project
Migrations, Postcards from Around the World. Hallway Gallery, Reading Room, Germany and UK.

* 2020 – The Conference of the Birds solo exhibition at ADVOCARTSY. Exhibition Opening: The Conference of the Birds. Website URL:

* 2019 – Permanent collection of Islamic and Iranian modern and contemporary art. Modern Middle Eastern Art at the British Museum.  Website URL:

* 2018 – Wonderland Exhibition at Wakefield Cathedral, UK. Website URL:

* 2018 – Mural Commissioned by the [[Tate Modern]] Museum, UK. Title: WHO ARE WE? ART, MIGRATION AND THE PRODUCTION OF DEMOCRAZY. Website URL:

* 2018 – Human Rights EDU Group Exhibition with UNESCO, Italy. Website URL:

* 2018 – The Kingdom of the Rose Group Exhibition with Lys D’Or. Website URL:

* 2018 – Collective Influence Group Exhibition with Shape Arts, London.
Website URL:

* 2017 – THAT’S A MOLE! Illustration Festival, Italy.
Website URL:

* 2018 – Winner of Cow International Design – Illustration Category. Website URL:

* 2018 – Shortlisted for Matsuyama Flower Design Contest. Website URL:

* 2018 – Finalist for the Bologna Illustration Exhibition for the Children’s Book Fair. Website URL:

* 2018 – Top 30 Finalist for VIA Arts Prize. Website URL: |

* 2018 – Finalist Bio-Art Contest, South Korea. Website URL:

* 2017 – Shortlisted for Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Award|Golden Pinwheel. Young Illustrators Award. Website URL:

* 2017 – Winner of IV International Skylight Illustration Award. Website URL:

*2021 – Fifth Element, Malisia Editorial.

* 2020 – Simorgh, Madreseh Publishing, Illustrated by Mohammad Barrangi. Website URL:

* 2020 – In the Shade of an Orange Tree, Illustrated by Mohammad Barrangi. Website URL:

Also published by The Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Yorkshire Post, The Herald, The Scotsman, Art Professional, The National, among others.