Mashid Mohadjerin

The work of photographer Mashid Mohadjerin blurs the boundaries between art and documentary. Trained as a visual artist, she has spent over a decade exploring and documenting the stark and captivating faces, bodies, landscapes and seascapes of human experiences of displacement, social and physical alienation, and revolt against authoritarian regimes in the Middle East and North Africa.
One of her ongoing concerns is her subjects’ right to belong in the spaces that they occupy, their need to escape versus their will to resist. Her work illuminates the question of cultural identities, the toils of the human condition and the dissonant realities of suppression and oppression. From Natives of North America to wives of migrant workers in Tajikistan, her images bring us living portraits of the daily struggles for freedom, for independence, and for dignity.

Ms. Mohadjerin’s award-winning work is published and exhibited internationally.