Korosh Ghazimorad

Korosh Ghazimorad is a renowned Iranian calligrapher and developer of the Sarir calligraphy style. Studying calligraphy in different cultures, Ghazimorad has spent the last seven years of his life creating a new style of calligraphy. He has studied over 40,000 pages of works around the world, interviewed countless artists, practiced many styles, as well as drawing on his own mastery in Persian calligraphy and graphics. A mix of Persian, Chinese and Western methods; the result is Sarir calligraphy, where artworks are soundly composed, melodically harmonious, and aesthetically desirable.

Art Director at various galleries, Professor of graphics and calligraphy design, and member of the Board of Directors in the Iranian Graphic Designers’ Association, Korosh Ghazimorad is an exciting artist and has received several awards for his work such as Winner of the Best International Artist Award at the International Festival of Harmony, Los Angeles.



Date of birth: 1969
Place of birth: Iran

Group Exhibitions:

2004 ‘Iranian Graphic designers & calligraphy’, Gallery, La Louviere (BE)
2003 ‘Graphic design’, Chaumont gallery, Chaumont, (FR)
2002 ‘Calligraphy’, Court Yard Gallery, Dubai, UAE
1998 ‘Calligraphy’, Court Yard Gallery, Dubai, UAE
1992 ‘Calligraphy’, International Tehran Fair, Tehran (IR)

 Solo Exhibitions

2015     ‘Dance of the pen’, Artlab’, Beirut (LE)

2015     ‘Sarir calligraphy’, Naranj Art Gallery, Shiraz (IR) 2012    ‘Calligraphy’, Haleh Art gallery, Munich, (DE) 2011        ‘Calligraphy’, Haleh Art gallery, Munich (DE) 2010            ‘Calligraphy’, Haleh Art gallery, Munich (DE) 2010          ‘Calligraphy’, Aaran Art gallery, Tehran (IR)

2009     ‘Calligraphy’, Aaran Art gallery, Tehran (IR) 2007 ‘Art Basel Miami’, Seyhoun Gallery, Miami (US) 2007          ‘Calligraphy’, Laguna Beach, (US)

2007     ‘Calligraphy, Seyhoun gallery, Los Angeles (US) 2006      ‘Calligraphy, Zangar gallery, Tehran (IR)

2003     ‘Calligraphy, Private show, (US)

2001     ‘Calligraphy’, Barg Gallery, Tehran (IR) 1999       ‘Calligraphy, Barg Gallery, Tehran (IR)


2009     Winner of the Special Award For ‘Promotion & Introduction of Iranian Heritage’ from the Iman Foundation, Los Angeles (US)

2008     Winner of the ‘Best International Artist’ award at International Festival of Harmony, Los Angeles (US) 2008   1st and 2nd place winner of the ‘Design Invitation Award’ at the 4th annual ‘Print Celebrates Design’

competition, Los Angeles (US)

Work Experiences:

2010 Tutoring at Miremad Univercity, Qazvin (IR)
2006 Art director, Neshani Monthly, Tehran (IR)
2006 Tutoring at Vijeh Graphic school, Tehran, (IR)
2005 Publisher of ‘Ghazimorad publishing’
2005 Jury member at ‘Press festival’, Tehran (IR)
2004 Jury member at ‘The Year press festival’, Tehran (IR)
2002 Art director at Mrs.Pierira’s Exhibition, Barg Gallery, Tehran (IR)
2001 Art director at ‘Wim Wenders Exhibition’, Barg gallery, Tehran (IR)
2001 Founder & Art director at ‘Andisheh Sabz’, Tehran, (IR)
1999 Art director ‘Neshat, Asre Azadegan, Economy news, Hayate now, Hambastegi, Tehran (IR)

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