Ali Soltani

Ali Soltani, born in Tehran in 1969, is a painter, sculptor and musician with a surrealist, metaphysical style. He began painting at the age of three and trained professionally from thirteen, even as the Iran-Iraq war raged outside. Ali draws inspiration for his paintings from both his imagination and from influential life experiences. The artist has employed techniques such as watercolour and gouache, oil painting and sketching. Oil has become his primary mode because he feels it is best for painting his subjects as it dries slowly, giving time for reflection on feelings. Ali has used a variety of mediums to convey his art including photography, writing and music.

Ali received a Bachelor of Art from Azad University of Tehran, Iran in 1994 and also completed a thesis in painting at Universidad de la Laguna, Tenerife, Santa Cruz, Canary Islands in 2010. He has been exhibited around the world from Iran to New York, and from East to West Europe.


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